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Web Hosting Services

System Goats can install & configure various Internet servers such as Apache and Apache Tomcat, enabling your organization's presence on the Internet. You can chose from a variety of server-side web frameworks, including Java Servlets, SSI, CGI, PHP, and node.js.

System Goats can install and administer your Internet services, including streaming multi-media, domain names, email, file transfer, a database, and website security with trusted SSL certificates.

Internet Software

Server-side framework
Remote Management Interface
Domain Name Services (DNS)


Using server virtualization, you can have multiple virtualized operating systems running on a physical server. These virtual machines are completely isolated from the physical host and from one another. This saves money on hardware and better assures system stability for critical applications (such as your payroll software!). To expedite maintenance, virtual machines can be migrated from one physical host to another.

Dedicated Web Servers

The least expensive web hosting has you share a web server with several other sites. Alternatively, System Goats can provide you with dedicated hosting for your exclusive use. A server for such can be installed on your premises or collocated with System Goats' servers.

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